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Today is a super-exciting day here at the ZMFTS!  I've got five new projects ready to unveil that I've been wanting to do for a very long time.  The five-part Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon pilot from 1987 introduced the Neutrinos, three alien teenagers who drive around in flying Starmobiles.  There was a similar-looking toy released by Playmates called the Footcruiser, but there were never any official Starmobile toys released.  It took some prodigious eBaying but I was finally able to collect enough parts to build a red Starmobile and a blue Starmobile!  There were official action figures of the Neutrinos, but none of them were colored correctly and one, in particular, needed a major sculpting overhaul.  My Starmobile vehicles needed somebody to drive them, though, so here are my new-and-improved versions of Kala, Dask, and Zak!



Some years ago I was focusing on building tiny action figure versions of all the assorted generic background Decepticon jets from the original Transformers cartoon.  My efforts eventually stalled when I realized I wanted to put a lot of them in scene-specific poses, and the most challenging of these—the pair of unnamed Decepticon security guards on Cybertron from "The Ultimate Doom"—would require building a figure of Brawn in order to complete the scene.  Well, I finally gave it a go, and I think the results turned out fairly well.  Most of my projects have been standalone figures, but this is the first diorama-style project I've ever created, so it's really three projects in one!



I've built dozens of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles projects over the years, and I've covered most of the major characters from the original cartoon series, but one important character I had yet to address was Splinter, ninja master and sensei to the Turtles.  His original action figure was woefully inadequate and this project required not only an entirely new head sculpt, but an all-new hand-sewn cloth outfit as well.  This is a project I simply could not have done justice until recently, but I think you'll agree it was worth the wait!



Anybody remember Zach, the Fifth Turtle?  He was a regular character from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, and he appeared in a bunch of episodes, but for some reason there was never an action figure in his likeness—never, at least, until now!  This is arguably one of my most ambitious projects to date, requiring all my sculpting and customizing skils to bring him to life.



About 30 years ago, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were introduced and, in the first issue, faced off against a fierce ninja master named Shredder.  I've always wanted an action figure of the Mirage Comics version of Shredder (his color scheme and costume design is entirely unique to the comic book), so this is my loving tribute to the character as he originally appeared.



This was supposed to be a pre-holiday update, but I ran out of time!  Anyway, fans of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon know that Baxter Stockman spent a good chunk of the second season as Shredder's faithful assistant, before he was eventually mutated into a fly.  Baxter's first official action figure was of his mutated fly form, which means that the human scientist never got a toy in his likeness.  I've been wanting to do this project for a really, really long time, but only in recent years has my customizing skillset become sufficient to tackle this character.  I had to hand-stitch a lab coat for him as well as  come up with a new head sculpt, creating the face and hair entirely from scratch.  He also got a whole slew of cartoon-specific accessories.  Personally, I think he turned out pretty good!


animation models

So, I've recently been getting into Darkwing Duck again, and I discovered that there was an eBay seller who had this great, big pile of animation models from the series.  It was a bit pricy, but I figured that maybe I could put together a crowdfunding effort, ask some people to pitch in, and purchase the model sheets so I could scan and upload them and share them with everybody.  Previously, I had also purchased a copy of the Darkwing Duck series bible (which, as a point of interest, includes several more model sheets).

It took me pretty much all day to scan the models, crop and edit them, and upload them.  You're welcome.  Due to file size limitations, I had to break things up into several zip files.  Enjoy!  

Darkwing Duck Model Sheets (1 of 6)
Darkwing Duck Model Sheets (2 of 6)
Darkwing Duck Model Sheets (3 of 6)
Darkwing Duck Model Sheets (4 of 6)
Darkwing Duck Model Sheets (5 of 6)
Darkwing Duck Model Sheets (6 of 6)

Darkwing Duck Series Bible (1 of 3)
Darkwing Duck Series Bible (2 of 3)
Darkwing Duck Series Bible (3 of 3)



The Rock Soldiers who appeared in the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon were Krang's loyal soldiers from Dimension X, but Playmates Toys never produced an action figure representing them.  I would have bought, like, dozens of them.  Well, they don't exist.  Or, more to the point, a single one exists, and that's because I created one.  I made so many changes, you'd hardly recognize the toy I used to build it!



There was a character named Ray introduced in the fourth-season episode of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles television series that was ostensibly based on the Ray Fillet action figure, but the character in the cartoon looked nothing like the toy he was supposedly meant to make kids want to go out and buy.  It took some substantial structural work, but I managed to put together an action figure of the character as he appears in "Rebel Without A Fin."  



I finally got around to building a custom figure of Cid, the self-proclaimed mechanical genius from Final Fantasy IV.  He's armed to the teeth with clubs and hammers and things, and he's even got a magnifying glass!  (No, he doesn't look much like the official Trading Arts figurine, but then, the Trading Arts figurine doesn't really look like Cid from the video game, either...)



Over the years I've built action figures based on many of the playable characters based on my all-time favorite video game, Final Fantasy IV, but I also wanted to do some of the monsters from the game.  I just finished up a Floating Eyeball, the first baddie actually seen in the game.



In a fourth-season episode of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series called "The Big Bug Blunder," Genghis Frog makes a return appearance, ostensibly to promote his action figure (he was the only one of the four Punk Frogs who had one on the market at the time).  For some reason, he spends the entire episode wearing a business suit, which is not how the action figure looked... until now, that is!



My wife's birthday was in January.  I had originally intended these as a birthday gift for her, but real life tends to get in the way sometimes.  Anyway, I bought up a bunch of LEGO Minifigure parts and built three principal characters from the Butterfly Princess e-book series: Four the Master Thief, Mariposa the Butterfly Princess, and Syzygy the Wooden Robot.  


There's this thing called the Transformers Soundtrack Restoration Project of which I have become a very big part.  The idea is to take the original cartoon episodes on DVD, isolate the music, and come up with a soundtrack.  Of course, it's not nearly as simple as I make it sound, because there are numerous sound effects cluttering up the isolated soundtrack and music that was routinely edited and chopped up to fit the animated scenes.  I have an encyclopedic knowledge of the series music which has become vital in finding specific music themes from specific episodes (and sometimes even specific notes!) to piece together a complete soundtrack.  There are around 195 unique musical themes used during the 98-episode run and part of my role has been to dig through episodes and identify them (and, eventually, piece them together for eventual remastering).  I've been doing this since December and there's still a lot more to do.  If I'm not at work or sleeping, then that's probably what I'm working on.

Since I've been digging through the show, I also thought I would finally put together some screen shots of the various Transformers in vehicle mode to go along with my various die-cast toy cars painted to look like the characters.  Expect to see that soon-ish.



I recently made a MegaSCF version of Skywarp for my good friend ViceGripX, but of course I didn't want to unveil it here on the site until after he opened it up for Christmas. 

I also put together a toy version of the Man of Iron, an otherwise unnamed Transformers character from Marvel Comics who appeared only in the United Kingdom version of the comic book (and the eventual reprint of that story in the United States).  Cor blimey!



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